News to me

It’s the weekend again and that is when I find time to ruminate on what needs to be done. I opened cupboards and drawers at school this week, only to be overwhelmed with what needs to be done. Same thing happened here at home. So I am inviting friends and family to come “shopping” at my house. Some things just need foster homes and some things need forever homes. 

Plus I’m still determining what I need to take with me. Alcohol is banned in Kuwait, so no favorite wine glasses need to come. 🙂 I believe I saw a picture of a pool in the complex I am supposed to live in, but modesty is highly touted so swimsuits or no. Maybe it’s only for men, as is entry into some buildings. Dancing is also forbidden. I guess we’ll call it “creative movement.” Boy, oh boy, is this ever going to be an adventure!

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