I had a delightful visit from my son this week for his spring break. He worked most of the time, but we had a few opportunities to talk and sort through some of his stuff. He is a really thoughtful and wonderful human being.

I also got my contract from the school! It was in English and Arabic, and the Arabic version is the binding one. Wish I knew what it said…haha. It established some options in case things just don’t feel right, but I don’t anticipate using them. I’m determined. It arrived with the handbook, so that has been interesting reading. I am going to need to supplement my wardrobe to some degree.  I also got an email responding to my query about putting on productions. To my great relief that is primarily up to the music teachers, not me. They said they wanted the focus of drama to be more on literacy, hence the interest in reader’s theater. I feel well suited for that.

March is such a busy month–many birthdays, Arts in Action just finished, long day field trip to the beach, Easter, and all the packing and purging at home. I’ve tentatively suggested that my family take turns trekking out here to help in the process. We’ll see how that goes.  Now it’s time to start the school week, so until next weekend…

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  1. Gretchen
    Mar 11, 2013 @ 21:08:00

    I’m happy to help, Pam! Let me know how. Very excited for BOTH of us as we start new chapters!


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