Weekend again!

I think that leaving is beginning to sink in and yet I am not inspired to get the packing and purging done. It was a busy week and I think the abundant pollen wiped me out because I just wanted to find a place to put my feet up, rest my head, and shut my eyes each day after school. I find myself wanting to spend as much time as possible with friends and family before I leave for this adventure. 

That said, I spent much of the weekend finally finishing report cards. As part of a fund raiser the 4th grade teachers auctioned off a trip to a Durham Bulls game and we cashed that in on Saturday. It was gorgeous weather and we had a great time! Sunday was the CROP walk on another beautiful day. It was wonderful!

Meanwhile, on Tuesday I signed with a realtor to sell my house! I have a few things to do first, of course, but I feel hopeful I will be able to sell it. While this is exciting I struggle with feeling guilty about robbing my children of their home place, but I comfort myself with my daughter’s words, “Home is where you are, Mom.” However, I do need to get on the stick with getting stuff carted out of the house. The son will be home soon and he has agreed to help when he can. I need his muscle! Then once school is out I can really get down to business.

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  1. Ronna
    Apr 22, 2013 @ 02:40:18

    I SO agree with Adrianne. Home isn’t a house—- it’s you. What a model for adventure


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