little by little

This weekend began by being stood up by the vent and duct cleaning guy who was supposed to come between 4-6pm. (I rescheduled…again.) On Saturday I went to sign the lease on my storage unit, so I’m officially ready to start hauling stuff there. I plan to wait until Memorial Day so I can begin by getting the bigger items in when I have many hands. I sorted a couple of boxes to make up for not sorting a box a day last week.

I also contacted the NC State Dept. about getting “authenticated.” Once my work visa comes I have to get my Bachelor’s Degree, a police background check, and a medical clearance stamped by the NC State Dept., the US State Dept. and then the Embassy of Kuwait. All this can’t start until my visa comes in June and has to be back in my hands by the time I leave on August 19! 

Repair work has begun on the outside of my house, then it will be power washed and painted. After that inspection and put on the market. The weather has not been very cooperative for these jobs. I suspect it won’t be done for another couple of weeks. It would be nice to not have to worry about showings while family is here, so maybe the last week of May.

I made my prodigal return to the Church of Reconciliation on Sunday. It was nice to see people again. I have realized that I need to be in a place that knows me before I embark on this adventure rather than trying to invest in a making a new community right before leaving. 


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