I am really regretting that I didn’t take pictures as I pulled boxes out of storage (hiding) spots and piled them up in the living room and family room to go through. I have made such enormous progress at reducing! I’m struggling to keep up with doing this very same thing at school as well. The one good fortune is that my students will happily take LOTS of the stuff from school home with them! I’m always surprised at what they pull out of the garbage or recycling. Hooray for “reuse!” 

If the weather cooperates, we will try again for photos of the house (inside and out) on Monday (10th) and it should be listed on Tuesday! I really hope we will be able to get full price on it (I guess every seller wishes that). 

For the most part I am trying to make it through the rest of this week. Last day of school is Friday, and we have a 2 hour early dismissal. I had hoped to be ready to leave on the 10th (workday), but I suspect I will be back in throughout the next week. 

It is immensely empowering to be getting rid of so much stuff. Thanks to Jane, I got a jeep load ready for the thrift shop and thanks to Jena, I got enough boxes to deal with my overabundance of books! Thanks to Sharon, I got my pre-lit Christmas tree and two big boxes off to the thrift shop ( or perhaps, ebay?). Little by little.

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