A week in two days

This is likely an exaggeration, but it’s how I feel. Since this is my blog I’m going to bore you with the details.

I set my alarm (only the 2nd time all summer) so that I could be in downtown Raleigh by 8 a.m. at the NC Secretary of State’s office. I wasn’t sure just where it was so pulled into the first public parking I saw, which turned out to be about 8 blocks away. Of course this is the beginning of the summer heat wave. 🙂 I hiked down to the office and passed along the documents I needed them to authenticate. I had 3 needing authentication and 2 of them needed to be REnotarized for whatever reason. I then walked them down to a State Employee’s Credit Union and had someone there notarize them (again!!) and walked back to the State Dept. I left them and $30 and returned to Chapel Hill. Traffic was backed up for 10 miles due to a tractor trailer cab that had caught fire. I finally got back about 10:15 and had to head for Enterprise where I had for 11 a.m. reserved a cargo van. I picked it up and returned home to load all my This End Up furniture into the van, with the help of a very good friend (my neighbor has noticed her coming and going and said, “Boy, she must be a VERY good person.” She is.). Then we hit the road at about 12:45 toward Asheville. With a brief stop at a car place along the way because tire pressure was wrong and a very kind young man checked all 4 tires AND the spare!! We arrived about 4 and immediately unloaded the furniture into my daughter’s apartment and her current furniture back into the van. We had a delightful shower and then dinner at Wicked Weed! A brief night’s sleep (and the 3rd alarm for the summer) put us on the road back to Chapel Hill by about 6:15 a.m. We stopped for breakfast at some point and arrived back in time enough to unload back into my house (so I have something to sit on until my house sells) and return the van by 11:00 a.m. Then it was a quick and early lunch and I was back on the road to Raleigh again to pick-up the aforementioned documents all duly authenticated returning home by a little before 2:00 p.m.

Then I began a very infuriating experience with Time Warner, who provides my internet service. (I can’t get consistent connection, so of course downloading anything is impossible. BOO HISS TWC) I needed a document to include with the selfsame aforementioned documents (SSAD) to send to the US Department of State for authentication there. Exhaustion caused me to end up in tears more times than I would care to say. I finally gave up, showered and gleefully met two great friends for drinks. It was just the right tonic. haha.

After getting back home I tried again to no avail, to download the cover document for my SSAD. My neighbor (the one who noticed my good friend) called and said, “Email it to me. I’ll print it out.” So I did, and after an encouraging chat with her I came back home and fell into bed.

This morning I got up and tried to get everything in order, checking, double-checking, and triple-checking. Then I headed off to mail it so I could track it there and back up to DC and the US Dept. of State. A fellow new hire then emailed saying she had been waiting for 10 days (they say it will only take 3) for her packet. AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!

Prayers and positive thoughts would be greatly appreciated for my packet’s trek and for the sale of my house. (I am writing this at a coffee shop while my house is showing. This makes the 15th showing, but no one has bitten yet.) I’m trying not to worry and fret as it just gets me in a tizzy and does nothing to help things along. 

Whew! Long post. Thanks for your thoughts, encouragement, prayers, and help in this process.

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  1. Mary Wilmot
    Jul 19, 2013 @ 20:01:44

    Hi Pam We enjoyed your blog, but you do make me tired. We continue to pray that everything comes together in perfect timing.

    We had a tearful phone call from Judy saying that Bob is critical & not expected to survive. Thought you would want to know. We love you Aunt Mary.

    Sent from my iPhone


  2. Ann Carr Adkins
    Jul 19, 2013 @ 21:03:54

    Nothing like those GOOD FRIENDS who make life so worthwhile – and, of course, those refreshing drinks don’t hurt, either!!


  3. Becky Teeter
    Jul 19, 2013 @ 23:08:33

    Wow, what a week! Let me know what this friend can do to help. I have wifi, coffee and alcohol any time.


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