Curses, foiled again!

I tried to put a photo up and it didn’t appear, so I will have to figure out why.

view of the street from my bedroom

view of the street from my bedroom


outside the gates of the singles and family building

Meanwhile, we were on the bus and leaving by 6 a.m. to try to be first in line to get our blood drawn. We were there by 6:25, but we were not first, so we waited. We were finally finished by about 10:30 and the men were sent back to school on one bus while the women were hauled to another place for chest x-rays. Again, we waited then we were taken back and given saffron colored floor-length gowns to put on after removing all our top clothing. We then went in to a smaller room, hugged the x-ray machine, redressed, and went back out to wait some more. We finally got back to school at about 11:45.

I went to have lunch with Kelly. She is a single mom of grown boys from California. She is teaching 3rd grade and lives 2 floors below me. We make each other laugh, so that is fun. She broke her ankle the 2nd day here, so she got some real up-close-and-personal experience with the medical system here. Then I went upstairs and tried to make some progress on my room. (I’m on the top floor at one end, so I’m thrilled to be getting the stairs workout everyday at school.) I managed to reach around the chairs and debris in the hallway to cover the bulletin board and put up border. I then tried to see about getting a mouse for my computer as I would be able to use my computer in my classroom. No luck yet.

The pool party was hot and very humid, so I didn’t stay long. Kelly, Gabe, Quinn, Dano, and I enjoyed a little glass of “adult juice” (homemade wine) before going over there. It is thanks to Gabe (my neighbor) that I have internet right now!! We’re going to try to continue sharing it.

10 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Carol Gary
    Aug 29, 2013 @ 19:15:39

    Your pictures came through! Yay! I don’t know if you remember me from Valley Community Pres (think high school), but I am enjoying your stories! Looking forward to hearing more!


  2. Carol Gary
    Aug 29, 2013 @ 19:16:14

    Oh, yah, my last name was Perkin back then!


  3. Brenda doyle
    Aug 29, 2013 @ 19:35:57

    I’m glad that you have such a positive attitude. With so many roadblocks at the beginning of the year, it sounds rather stressful! Love reading your blog!


  4. janice
    Aug 29, 2013 @ 19:42:53

    So much fun to be there vicariously with you!!!


  5. adriannedawn
    Aug 29, 2013 @ 22:41:40

    Wow wow wow! I loved reading through all of your most recent posts! I’m so glad to have a bit of a picture of your life now. I can’t wait to talk to you! I love you Mom!


  6. Jena
    Aug 29, 2013 @ 22:56:02

    What an adventure! And I thought we had a lot of changes, meetings, and hassles here! It is wonderful to hear all the details of what is happening with you. Hope you are able to get some sleep soon. Sending lots of love!


  7. Helen Webb
    Aug 30, 2013 @ 01:26:16

    Fun to read comments from others. Also a thrill for me to chat by FB earlier. My heart and prayers are there for you.


  8. Ellen Manning
    Sep 01, 2013 @ 13:03:45

    The cars look like they’re parked on the sidewalk! Can’t wait to hear about your kids. Mine are adorable, loves puppets and have already made me a cutout, Meerkat family representing each of them. I have some really great artists this year. Love you sista ~ and thanks for taking the time to keep us all posted!


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