Camels and henna

22 February 2014

I have been teaching and feel like I am finally coming into my own with this job. I have had two observations and felt pretty good about both of them. It is nice here because the administration really focuses on the positive. I truly feel valued in my position and am mostly enjoying my job. The kids who come to my school are very privileged and many come from the royal families. Generally the students lack motivation to be courteous, fair, or generous either emotionally or physically.  I find I have to break up a lot of near fights and they don’t work terribly well in groups. Boys and girls avoid each other like the plague. They talk back to each other and to me. In spite of all this, I really love them and most days I enjoy my work.

Last weekend, I went to a desert camp. Kuwaitis go out to these camps in an effort to maintain a link with their Bedouin roots.

lighted fountain at night at one of the desert camps

lighted fountain at night at one of the desert camps

charcoal brazier for warmth and shisha

charcoal brazier for warmth and shisha

shisha inside the tent

shisha inside the tent

They just head out, usually in November and set up tent cities. When I grew up camping meant getting away from the madding crowd, but here is it an opportunity to experience new neighbors, I guess. They leave these tents up until about April and go out to them nearly every weekend. All the luxuries of home are there however, flush toilets, running water, TV, internet, beds, sofas, tables, chairs. I have been to a desert camp before, but the draw of this one was camel rides. So, I went to the camels and felt sorry for them. I went ahead and climbed aboard anyway, and listened to the camel complain vociferously about having to stand up. Once we were up and walking it stopped complaining, but then reiterated his complaint when he had to kneel again to let me off. I didn’t think to have my photographers stand at the front of the camel so I was not thrilled with the video of the process.

smile for the camera!

smile for the camera!

Upsadaisy! I felt like I was going to land face first in the sand.

Upsadaisy! I felt like I was going to land face first in the sand.

It's a rockin' ride.

It’s a rockin’ ride.

There was also an opportunity to dress in traditional clothes and to get henna decorations on a hand. I really liked the design she put on my hand, but it has faded quickly. (My hands sure look old. One of my first graders asked what the veins were on the backs of my hands one day and another child quickly piped up with, “It means she’s old.” Gotta love them.)IMG_2343 IMG_2346

This weekend has been very low key. I went to an opera called Acis and Galatea performed by a local music group. I knew two of the performers from school, and it was enjoyable. I also made split pea soup, but had trouble finding marjoram and split peas. I made it with lentils and it turned out alright, but not great.

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  1. adriannedawn
    Mar 10, 2014 @ 11:44:01

    Sounds like some great adventures! But I think I would have also felt sorry for the camels. I’m glad you got a chance to go though! And the henna is beautiful!


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