a little homesick

This is a rather surprising new twist for me. I really didn’t experience too much homesickness last year, so I didn’t expect it this year. I suspect the special time with family for Adrianne and Scott’s wedding is likely behind a lot of it. Right after getting back I felt it and attributed it to the wedding, but it has resurged.

Here are a few things that may also contribute to it.

  • While I love the silly rightness of living in Mahboula, which means “crazy lady” I don’t love that we are so far from where most ‘events’ happen. It always involves at least a ½ hour taxi ride (or ride with a friend) and traffic is usually horrific making it closer to 45 minutes or an hour. I really can’t quite capture the true insanity of drivers here, and it has become common. I only gasp about once a day now, instead of every time I’m in a car. The trip back, unless it’s the very early morning is equally thick with traffic.
  • Printer paper is doled out in small handfuls, like maybe 30-50 sheets at a time, and I can’t ask more than about once a month.
  • They have these paper towels that are like toilet paper, and it shreds and sticks to your hands.
  • I miss clear days. It is so very rare to have a truly crisp, clear day without a haze. I think it is mostly from a combination of dust and smoke from the oil wells.
  • No local wineries, breweries or pubs to sit with friends and just chat and chill.
  • The newness and novelty has worn off.

Enough with the negative.  I am generally a very positive person, and I’m going to redirect myself now, so here are some things l like:

  • It is almost always sunny!
  • My job.
  • The sprayer things by the toilets.
  • Maids that keep things (especially the bathrooms) clean at school.
  • Taxis and especially Abdul and Anvar
  • Children to tutor
  • Convenience of travel. The world just feels more accessible here.

Okay, I’m better now. Thanks for ‘listening’ and helping me through this. 🙂

7 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. ebhoel
    Nov 22, 2014 @ 14:37:57

    ¡Pobrecita! I totally understand how you feel. It’s not easy being so far away from family and friends especially this time of year! Sending many hugs your way…Ellen


  2. Carol Perkin Gary
    Nov 22, 2014 @ 15:20:16

    Sounds like you have a pretty good handle on why you feel as you do! I am sure I would not cope as well as you do! I love traveling and seeing and experiencing new things but am only good for a week or two away from my home place and family at a time. Sending hugs and prayers your way for new adventures and relationships to fill your days with satisfying experiences.


  3. maryronw
    Nov 22, 2014 @ 21:40:55

    Hi Pam, Sometimes it helps to just “say it” when you feel homesick or have a specific problem. Neverthe less your Blog was very interesting. There are always pros and cons – right? It’s pretty normal to miss your kids and greater family. I’ve enjoyed looking at those little houses you’ve put on FB. I imagine you living in them.

    We are just back from a month in the CA desert where we took the big step and sold our house, convertible and golf cart. It feels strange to make it real as it happened so fast. We’ve owned it over 10 years. We were home 3 days and then left for Chelan to be with Scott & Nancy while he had foot surgery. You’ve probably heard it was a 7 hr. Surgery, and it will be a very long healing time. We were there a week. He was feeling more mobile once he got one of those scooters. Scott is so tired of these medical things that come into his life.

    We came back Wed. Just ahead of the first big snow in the Pass and Chelan. Marks family and Jeff & Zach will be here for Thanksgiving. Mark & Jeff are so afraid I’ll do too much so Mark has already bought the turkey, and Jeff says he’s bringing the potatoes and green beans. I think they think I’m getting too old to do the dinner, but I’ll take all the help I can get. Maybe they feel a little guilty for not having it at their house. Whatever………

    I hope and pray you are having better days, and are looking forward to summer We love you……..sending big hugs. Aunt Mary & Uncle Ron

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  4. Ellen Manning
    Nov 23, 2014 @ 19:43:20

    Hey sweetie ~ I love and miss you but am sooo in awe of what you are doing. You’ll look back on this and be amazed too! Mark and I just returned from the Galapagos Islands and had a surreal, unbelievable trip. I’ll share pictures on my FB page as soon as I have some time to upload them. School is keeping me busy every minute but my new puppy is good for my heart and soul. She’s helping me heal from losing my mom this year and making me breathe, smile and play.
    Love you sister and can’t wait so see you again!


  5. Nicole
    Nov 24, 2014 @ 01:02:30

    Hi Pam! I miss your smiles! I miss you! Nicole


  6. Karen
    Nov 25, 2014 @ 23:10:51

    Dear sweet Pam, Like Ellen, I marvel at your sense of adventure and your ability to savor life’s experiences. I know that you are making a positive impact on the lives of your students while at the same time exploring new exotic places, immersing yourself in different cultures and building some incredible memories. You are my inspiration! Hugs, Karen


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