Play it again…Casablanca

After a lovely breakfast on the rooftop terrace at our riad and a tour through American Legation we headed back to Casablanca and dropped our stuff at the hotel. We had a lovely walk along the Corniche and had pizza right on the waterfront.

The next morning, which was New Year’s Eve day we headed out to a vineyard and winery a little under an hour outside of Casablanca. The countryside was beautiful as we traveled away from the city. The winery was exquisitely beautiful and an amazing oasis to find.

The drive way up to the vineyard.

The drive way up to the vineyard.

Entrance from the porch.

Entrance from the porch.

We enjoyed a glass of wine near the pool before going in to have lunch.

Wine by the pool on New Year's Eve.

Wine by the pool on New Year’s Eve.

It was a relatively set menu, with a couple of choices. After a couple of bottles of wine it was a heady experience! Ha We wandered around the gardens, then we headed back to Casablanca.

Things were very lush and green here.

Things were very lush and green here.

Some unique plants too.

Some unique plants too.

After such an exorbitant and sumptuous afternoon, we decided to forgo an evening “event.” So, 2015 arrived without too much fanfare.

The next day we were up to pack, prepare, get breakfast and head to the airport. We returned our rental car and made our way to the gate. It was an uneventful trip home, and it felt good to get back to Kuwait.

It was hard settling back into the time zone here though. I had many restless nights. I also returned to a broken microwave, so I have been reheating the old fashioned way.

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