Leaving for the summer

Whew! It’s been a long time since I’ve posted anything. I had written a post for the end of the school year, but then didn’t get it posted. So, I’ll modify it and post it now.

As time winds down, we cram more social activities into the final weeks in Kuwait. But then there are grades to do and packing to get done. Many of my colleagues left at the end of the year having completed their two year initial contract. There will definitely be a hole left with their vacancy. However, I’ve made some wonderful new friends this year as well and deepened some friendships from last year. It is with mixed feelings that I left for the summer and still upon my return.

It has been interesting to see all the things people are posting to sell as they leave, and a fair bit of my money has gone to some of these things. I moved into the walled compound this year instead of living just outside of it. I will miss my bathtub the most I think, but it will mean a bigger kitchen and instead of being on the 4th floor I will be on the 9th. Seems like a paradox to be moving into a bigger space when I’m considering a tiny house upon my return to the USA. However, living inside the walls is a matter of convenience, I’ve realized.


From mid-May until I leave and then again upon return until the end of September, the temperature is pretty consistently 115-120 degrees F. When I am taking a shower the water is almost too hot to stand, and the handle is pushed all the way to the cold side. Water is stored on the roof of the buildings and the overnight low temperature is in the 90s. At school, where toilets are flushed more frequently or run constantly, I’ve sat down on a toilet seat that is so warm and felt heat emanating up from the water in the bowl. I don’t see steam, but I’m pretty sure it is just shy of that!