Showings and school

It’s hard not to just sit back and enjoy the newly uncluttered space in my house! Now all my sorting and packing has to be able to tidy up in about 15 minutes. The next step was to finish packing up my things at school and get them into storage. Oh, and the “official” check-out at school. That finally happened today! My son came and helped me get my 8 or 9 heavy boxes of books down the stairs, into my car, and into storage. I have to brag a little about getting my 20 years of accumulated teaching stuff down to 8-9 boxes! In all likelihood I could still pare down even further. Maybe when I UNpack. 🙂 I am encouraged by the space still left in storage, but it is hard to gauge the amount of stuff that still needs to go in. 

Another big project that I got finished was going through all my photos and packing up a box to send off for scanning ( They will return the photos with a DVD that has them all digitally on it and I think I have most all of my photos in one place now. Whew! 

Now I’m focused on getting my son ready for his month in China. He leaves next Monday. It will be so exciting for him. I will miss him. A lot. His sister will come visit for the weekend before he leaves. I love having the house full of my kids!

After that I hope to be more focused on getting rid of more of the furniture and clearing out certain rooms. I’m trying not to focus on all the good-byes and leave-takings though. That part is sad. 😦 Trying to celebrate the little accomplishments and focus on the exciting new adventure.