Whew, it’s been a long time since I’ve posted anything. That is due to the fact that my son took his computer with him to China and I had to turn in my school computer. I am in the process of getting a new one, but, well, it’s a process.

I have had several showings of the house, but nothing has come of it. Now I’m thinking about reducing my price as I really want it to sell before I leave. It is getting cleared out, slowly but surely. Many things are up on craigslist and a few have gone. I thought I had the bunk beds sold, but they wimped out when they had to help me move them down the stairs. They just drove away leaving the door off the jam and the bed in the living room. Nice. Mature.

Meanwhile, my car (2005 Toyota Camry) is for sale as well. Not much action on it either, so the price just came down.

I have several trips to make to the thrift shop and one to storage.

On Wednesday, my visa finally arrived! Woohoo! I have my background check, my doctor’s clearance letter (though I still need the lab results), and hope my diploma (certified) and transcripts arrive soon. Then I need to take it to the NC Dept. of State in Raleigh, the US Dept. of State in DC, and the Kuwait Embassy in DC.

Working away.