16 November weekend!

It has been a good weekend, in spite of Kelly and Gabe being away. Kelly is here on a visitor’s visa and is required to leave the country for a 24 hour period once every 3 months, so she and 3 others went to Bahrain. I would love to have joined them, but it just wasn’t in the budget at this time.

I went shopping on Friday morning and picked up a couple of tops. It’s nice to get something new. I also got groceries and spent some nice time with my buddy teacher, Connie. She is the one who arranged for me to buy all the “necessities” before I even arrived here in Kuwait, then stored them for me until I arrived. She has a car and so we spent until about 1:30 getting all those errands done. We saw sheep being herded on one of the roadways, which was a new experience.


a herd of sheep

At 3:45 another friend picked me up and we went to the AWARE Center to ride the bus to the Dickson House. After WWI, Kuwait was a British protectorate and was not an independent country until 1961. In the early 1900s there were British government counselors (like an ambassador) living here. The Dicksons lived here a long time and the house they lived in is now a museum. So we went through the house with information and insights given by one of their servants who still lives there. They served us tea on the veranda and then we headed back to the AWARE Center.


living room in the Dickson House


dining room at the Dickson House


view of another direction from the Dickson House


moon and view from the Dickson House

On Saturday, a friend who was feeling pretty down came over and showed me pictures of her family and talked about her home. We spent the whole morning together, and I think she felt a little better by the time she went home.

This next week at school we have a ½ day with students on Wednesday and no students on Thursday so we can have parent conferences. Report cards went home this last Thursday and I’ll be eager to see how many (or few) want to talk with me. It seems like there are many opportunities to take in cultural events this week, so I’m glad that pace will be slower (hopefully) with that day and a half off from students.

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