Leaving Kenya

Day 4 – 26 September

At 4:30 we awake, pack things up, eat breakfast and on the road by 5:30am.

Lilac Breasted Roller

None of our group took this picture, and I didn’t see them this clearly, but this is a Lilac Breasted Roller. 

Giraffes at sunrise

As the sun rose, we saw these silhouetted giraffes. -photo by Janine

Two hours of bumpy roads at high speed, then onto paved roads, and then on a construction road that is bumpy and muddy as we head to the airport. Once there we have to walk to a different terminal. We have to check our luggage, so after some debate we buy adult beverages in bottles and hope that we will be able to get it into Kuwait. Janine and Chantelle are on a different flight than we are, so we don’t see them again.

We fly to Abu Dhabi and get our connecting flight (none of these legs of our journey have told us we had a “booking” but no ticket) back to Kuwait. I see Casey, who was also on our flight to Kuwait, arriving from Germany. We wait and wait for our luggage only to discover it didn’t make it. We wait in line to give our information to have it delivered. I walk through security with my bottles, and Casey and I share a cab home.

Luggage was delivered late afternoon the next day. All in all, a trip of a lifetime.

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